Up your fitness and bring out your inner Olympic athlete at Fota Island Resort

With the success of Corkman Steve Redmond in being the first and only person to complete the Oceans Seven, and the spectacle of the Olympic games in full swing, fitness and athletic prowess and accomplishment is a topic on a lot of peoples minds at the moment. Upon reading the exploits and seeing the many feats of the Olympic athletes, particularly in the swimming and athletics arena, it certainly gets one in the mood for upping ones fitness and athletic prowess. We all dream somewhat that with the right training one could be an Olympic worthy world champion like our own Sonia O’Sullivan from nearby Cobh, close to us here at Fota Island Resort, an Olympic medallist now chef d’Equipe of the Irish Olympic squad.

Whilst natural ability is only for the lucky few, one can up ones fitness to the level of an athlete. Luckily with the many stunning waters here around East Cork, the many scenic walks and many top notch swimming and gym facilities around in hotels in the area such as our stunning spa and leisure centre in our own Fota Island Resort hotel, one has a fighting chance of getting fit in enjoyable surroundings.

It mightn’t be an Olympic training camp but every little bit helps and taking advantage of the facilities around you can work for you. After all Redmond who by being the first to complete the hitherto impossible Sevens Oceans Challenge (swimming worlds seven ocean currents) and did what no other professional athlete or Olympian had done before, is an amateur who trains in and around Corks coastal waters and inland lakes in his spare time after work. So whether you want to realise an Olympic dream, swim the seven ocean currents or simply up ones fitness level, why not head outside or to your local leisure centre and start moving, you never know where it will take you.


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