Newborn rare baby lemur a new attraction at Fota Wildlife Park

Over in Fota Island Wildlife Park, visitors can now catch a glimpse of an exciting new addition to the park as a very rare baby lemur has been making his first appearance to the public at the park this week as he has finally decided to merge from his nest. Born over four weeks ago, the little arrival, a black and white ruffed lemur is extra special as this species of lemur, one of only 3 of the 16 species of lemur residing in Fota is endangered with only 500 reported in the wild. This new addition is part of Fota Wildlife Parks successful conservation program.

For visitors to the park, the newborn lemur offers an extra bonus as this particular type of lemur is what experts call an “evolutionary enigma” of sorts, as ruffed (black and white and their cousins the red) lemurs are the only species of lemurs and indeed species of primate to build nests for their young. They also exhibit parenting skills different to other lemurs and primates all of which can be now seen in the antics of the new arrival along with his parents Pudden and Podge. If you’re a budding wildlife expert or just keen to see such a rare sighting of such an enigma then pop down to Fota Island this summer as the little arrival is making his long awaited appearance from his nest.

And with the newborn as yet unnamed, Fota are also encouraging lucky visitors to the park or to the website to suggest some names for the new arrival. So if you’re in Fota Island or the surrounding area of East Cork and want a reason to head to Fota Wildlife Park or indeed Fota Island Resort, now is the perfect time to see a rare baby lemur and his proud parents.


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