Baby Giraffe Video Clip

As we mentioned last week, Friday 10th august was a special week for visitors to Fota Island Wildlife Park with the appearance of not one but two baby giraffes. On what was one of the busiest days for the park, over 4,000 visitors showed up to see Blaithin and her three week old baby giraffe make its first debut, but instead were treated to a rare sighting of the live birth of a baby giraffe as well.
A live birth of any wild animal is rare indeed, never mind a giraffe, and its things like these unexpected arrivals that add an extra dimension to family visits to the wildlife park which always mixes educational with entertainment values. Whilst we all mightn’t have seen it, thankfully with smartphones and new technology such momentous events are happily recorded and uploaded for future viewing.

Above is a video of the moment the newborn baby giraffe tries to stand feet just moments after its birth. Its mother Sapphire can be seen offering support and encouragement. Keep a lookout for the other mother and baby giraffe combination Blaithin and her own three week old baby who were initially supposed to be the sole attraction in the African Savannah that day. Blaithin can be seen offering her own motherly support to the newborn in what was a group family situation.

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