New babies at Fota Wildlife Park have been named

In the past few posts we mentioned how the Fota island based wildlife park has recently experienced a baby boom with 2 baby giraffes and a special lemur being born in the past few weeks. The naming of the three new babies has garnered special interest over the past few weeks as fans of the wildlife park based in Fota Island were encouraged to take part in the naming process.

The Wildlife Park had recently been encouraging its numerous fans and members to suggest names through its website, facebook and twitter pages. After hundreds of suggestions and debate the names of the three new arrivals have finally been chosen and revealed to the public, with two of the three being named in honour of the former fota island park staff member Padraic Casey who tragically lost his life whilst attempting to swim the English Channel for charity in July 21st. Mr Casey was a member of the park’s education team providing informative tours and talks for the public and schoolchildren. One of the baby giraffes and the rare baby lemur were the recipients chosen in his honour.

A baby female Rothschild giraffe, the elder of the two in residence, who was born only hours before the Passage West mans untimely death in late July has been named Casey while the rare black and white ruffed baby lemur also born in July and the first of its kind to be born on the wildlife park has been named Padraic. The newest baby, another female giraffe who was the star of the wildlife park only a few weeks ago when she arrived unexpectedly has been named Aoibhinn.

They are plenty of Cork hotels near Fota Wildlife Park should you wish to visit the park down in Cork for the weekend. It is a popular destination for kids with activities to suit all members of the family.


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