Government funding for new facility a welcome boost for Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park’s plans for a new indoor visitor and attraction and conservation centre facility received a major boost with Minister for Environment Phil Hogan on behalf of the Government granting them 200,000 euro. This funding awarded by Rural Development Programme and provided under the Encouragement of Tourism Activities scheme will be about a third of the projected 670,000 euros needed to setup the new facility.

The new indoor visitor and attraction and conservation centre facility is setup to help counterbalance the drop in visitor number to the wildlife park, based in Fota Island, caused by increased bad weather experienced these past few summers.  The new extension will also aid the park’s conservation work, helping to create additional learning opportunities for the public while providing an indoor viewing and entertainment area for tourists.

When complete this new facility will also provide the public with access to a series of extra indoor areas and help the park deal with the projected growth of visitor numbers expected to arrive outside the peak tourist season of the summer.

This proposed new facility is just of many innovative and modern measures that Fota Island Wildlife Park has taken to improve its visitor experience whilst aiding its long term educational and conversation ideals. This new project when finished looks set to greatly improve services and visitor experience at the Fota Island based wildlife park which has proved to be a very popular and innovative tourist and conservation attraction in the East Cork area. Along with its neighbour Fota House also on Fota Island which was unveiled recently after its own renovation aided by government, it provides ample reasons to visit Fota Island.


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