Water Access for Visitors to Fota Wildlife Park

Good news for Fota as it has been revealed that developments to Cork Habour will include providing water access for visitors to Fota Island Wildlife Park.

Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney said “I see Cork Harbour as Ireland’s greatest marine asset, as a natural harbour, and we have never used it to its full benefit, and we’re going to start doing that now”. He continued: “We are going to have an active harbour, which will be about more than angling and sailing out of places like Crosshaven. It is going to have other nodes of significant development, which everybody can buy into, which will be publicly owned, and that’s what I want to create,” he said.


Fota Island Wildlife Park Expansion will Extend Visitor Season

The €600,000 expansion at Fota Wildlife Park will result in a tourism boost for Cork as the opening season will be extended during the winter months. The expansion will make the park an weather facility.  Stephen Ryan who is head of marketing at Fota explained that “Unlike the existing unique open nature of the wildlife park, this proposed facility will provide the public with access to a series of additional indoor areas. which will be seen as a great benefit to tourists in cold and wet weather,” he said. Continue reading

New Animal Care and Conservation Centre at Fota Wildlife Park

Work has begun on a new Animal Care & Conservation Centre at Fota Wildlife Park that will house native and globally endangered species.

The project is supported by a significant investment by South and East Cork Area Development (SECAD) and will cost over €600,000 to develop onsite at Fota Wildlife Park

Head of Marketing at Fota Wildlife Park Stephen Ryan believes that this new facility could also prove beneficial to other tourism businesses in the East Cork area; he said “the new facility will extend our visitor season into the winter months and assist hotels in Cork etc. with marketing the Cork destination for winter breaks”.

Fota Wildlife Park is currently the most visited tourist attraction in the South West with 377,000 visitors in 2012 and research taken at the park has indication that the park has an annual economic benefit in the region of €167m to the Cork area.

Grant support of €200,000 is being provided by SECAD.

FREE Entry to Spike Island and Fort Mitchel

Cork County Council have revealed that there will no entry fee to Spike Island and Fort Mitchel this year. Visitors will only be charged for the ferry.

Ferry Schedule and information at time of publishing is as follows:

  • Price:  €8 per adult and €5 per child.
  • Additional ferry services will be available from April 14th (Sunday). Continue reading