Bosco Comes to Fota

The Fota Wildlife Park Summer festival takes this year for 10 weeks (June 22nd until August 25th). Bosco is just one of the many exciting acts scheduled as part of the celebrations for Fota Wildlife Park’s impressive 30 years in business.

Speaking at the launch Stephen Ryan, Head of Marketing at Fota Wildlife Park said “30 years is a great milestone and we wanted to celebrate it with as many people as we can and that is why we have put together a line up of events that spans 10 weeks from June 22nd until August 25th”.

The carnival will have a 5,000 square foot marquee which can seat 500 people providing visitors with shelter from the rain and something the park was not able to overcome last year. Daily shows will run keeping visitors entertained during the summer months. Continue reading


Fota Wildlife Park to Celebrate 30 years in Business

On Thursday the 9th of May, the Pavilion in Cork acted as the host for the launch of Fota Wildlife Park’s Summer Carnival which will celebrate the popular attraction’s 30 years in business.

The return of popular children’s puppet Bosco was just one of the reasons behind the huge turnout for the launch. Magician Tony Baloney, mentalist Liam Sheehan and Cork Circus act Hakuna Matata also performed to the captivated audience.  Continue reading

New Bison Calf arrives at Fota Wildlife Park

Last Saturday saw the birth of a new Baby Bison at Fota Wildlife Park. The Bison calf was born to mother Donna and father Borris (who sadly died on Wednesday and missed the birth of his new calf). The new calf is the 16th offspring from Borris which included three calves that were introduced into Komaneza Forest in Poland in 2008.

This was part of a reintroduction programme into the wild.  The wardens at the park are calling on the public to pick a name for the new arrival.