Two new baby giraffes unveiled at Fota Wildlife Park

A few summers ago we in 2012 we noted how the impromptu birth of a baby giraffe later named Aoibheann stole the spotlight from what was to be the first public appearance of another baby giraffe Casey to the adoring public.

In August 2012 resident Rothschild giraffe Blaithin presenting for the first time her three week old calf, Casey, looked set to be the star attraction for visitors to Fota Wildlife Parks African Savannah that is until another giraffe Sapphire decided to give birth to Aoibheann in front of the assorted crowds, somewhat stealing the limelight from the original stars Blaithin and Casey.

Switch to present day and the same two adult giraffes involved in that dramatic day, Blaithin and Sapphire, are mothers again both having recently unveiled their latest assorted offspring (born within days of each other) to the crowds at the Fota Island based wildlife park last week. And unlike last time there were no surprises for the visitors to the popular park with the calves a male and a female having been born to their respective mothers Blaithin and Sapphire within 2 days of each other in late January.

To celebrate the new arrivals to the giraffe herd in Fota Wildlife Park, the park’s organisers have created a special competition that asks both members of the general public and to school children nationwide to come up with appropriate Irish names for the two baby giraffes. And there is a novel twist to the competition. There are two prizes up for grabs one of which is suitable for a member of the general public and the other which is for a school class. With two names needed, a winning name and subsequent prize will be given to a person from each of the two different groups eligible for the competition (one being a member of the general public and the other being schoolchildren).

Of the two prizes the one open to members of the general public will see one lucky person getting a chance to bring their family/friends to the park for a VIP Family Experience whereby they get the opportunity to feed a giraffe and see what happens behind the scenes at Fota.

The other prize open to schoolchildren will see a class coming up with a name (must be an Irish name) and submitting it via their teacher. The winning class will get a special class tour behind the scenes at the park. Here they will get to experience the new S.O.S (save our species) workshops taking place at the park and get to go behind the scenes and see some of the giraffes inside their house at Fota Wildlife Park and may even pop next door  to the 5 star Cork Hotel to indulge in some of their tasty deserts.

Open to everyone whether entering as a member of the public or as a class, the closing date for the competition is Friday April 4th and more details can be found via the education section on their website. Competition aside, with spring upon us and summer approaching, a visit to the cork harbour island to see the two new star attractions to Fota Island’s growing herd is just one of the many reasons to check out the region in the weeks/months ahead.


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