Fota’s red panda cub seeks the public’s help

It has been an eventful summer on Fota Island with so much happening including the introduction of The Asian Sanctuary at the Wildlife Park and, of course, the hosting of the Irish Open at the neighbouring Fota Island Cork Golf Club. However, one of the more significant events which was slightly overlooked was the birth of a red panda cub almost 3 months ago. The cute little redhead has being spotted on numerous occasions around the park with its mother Bonnie since the birth and has become a firm favourite with visitors to the Wildlife Park, Fota House and the 5 star Cork hotel and golf resort.

The staff at the popular Cork Wildlife Park are now seeking the public’s help in order to find a suitable name for the new arrival. With International Red Panda Day fast approaching on Saturday, 4th October 2014, it was considered that this would be the perfect opportunity to find a name for the panda cub and so have reached out to the public and asked them to get their thinking caps on. It should be noted that entrants should submit neutral names as the gender of the little panda cub is yet to be determined.

The birth is being described as a significant one, as the only other red panda cub to be born in the East Cork park was 21 years ago. Staff at Fota are asking for suggestions to be sent to, with a VIP trip around the park on offer for the winner.


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