Giraffes – Did You Know?

At Fota Wildlife Park you will find many beautiful creatures including the striking giraffe. We have assembled a list of facts about giraffes. Some of which you may already know:

  • You will find giraffes in central, eastern and southern Africa.
  • A normal, healthy giraffe can often live to about 25 years in the wild.
  • A typical male will weigh between 2,400 and 3,000 pounds with a female tipping the scales at about 1,600 and 2,600 pounds.
  • Male giraffes can be up to 19 feet tall with females often hitting the 16 feet mark or thereabouts.
  • Giraffes can often go for several days without water in the wild. This comes in useful in times of poor weather conditions such as droughts.
  • They get moisture from leaves of the trees they eat. Continue reading

Fota Wildlife Park Celebrates 30th Birthday with Carnival

The popular tourist attraction Fota Wildlife Park, celebrated its 30th Birthday with a summer carnival on June 23rd.

Fota Wildlife Park is a non profit organisation that has been supported by the people and for the people of Fota and Cork. UCC and Dublin Zoo came up with the idea for the park thirty years ago and since its humble beginnings, Continue reading

Conference possibilities of Fota Island Resort

When it comes to organizing events or booking conferences for a large group of people there are many contributing factors play a part in ones decision. Not only does one need a hotel that will offer top class facilities and accommodation in a prime location but also one that will offer that little something extra. Located only 15 minutes from Cork city, on Fota Island, a private island just off cork city which boasts a stately home and arboretum and a world famous wildlife park, lies Fota Island Golf Resort Hotel. This luxury 5 star Cork hotel is situated on scenic grounds with world class championship golf facilities and superb views. Inside a range of ultra modern facilities such as a spa and fitness centre, function rooms, top class restaurants and bars offer visitors well earned leisure options on their visit. Continue reading

Watford FC Manager Gianfranco Zola Video at Fota

Recently Watford FC were using the Fota Island Training Facility. In the video below Gianfranco Zola, Watford FC Manager, discusses this squads preparations for their pre-season friendly with Cork City FC. That game took place at Turners Cross in the city.

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