Remembering the Wounded Warriors tour of Ireland in 2012

As we draw a close to 2012 and welcome in the New Year and the promise of the Gathering 2013, it is time to look back on a few fond memories. One, which may have fallen under the radar, was the wounded warriors visit to Ireland to take part in Golf Digests Winter Open to test the best of our best golf courses and as you can imagine the best best golf course Cork have to offer, whilst taking in scenic attractions and of course good old Irish hospitality.

The wounded warriors were a chosen group of twenty-five US soldiers injured in Iraq or Afghanistan who having taken up golf to help overcome their traumatic injuries were invited along with their families to come to Ireland to enjoy good competition, pristine golf courses and a once in a lifetime experience. This tour was organised by Golf Digest Irish Tours, a new Irish company specialising in high-end golfing holidays for the America, Canadian and Asian markets, and allowed the wounded warriors to take part in some competitive action in the Golf Digests Winter Open. Continue reading