East Cork Early Music Festival 2013

The East Cork Early Music Festival which is a small music festival, ran from Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th October and as usual it was a wonderful success. The small music festival with a difference prides itself on bringing period instrumental music from a bygone era back to popularity. To do this they go through live performances utilising many of Cork and East Corks best known historical settings. Music from the Medieval, Renaissance and the Baroque periods was enjoyed by patrons. Fota and East Cork received a boost in visitors thanks to the festival with many of the Cork hotels and restaurants enjoying an increase in trade.

The first festival was in 2003 the festival has had many memorable performances in some of the stunning and well known venues including St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Fota House and Cloyne Cathedral, as well as the recently completed Curtis Auditorium in the Cork School of Music. Over the years the likes of Emma Kirkby, The Palladian Ensemble, Barthold and Wieland Kuijken, Quintessential, James Bowman, The London Handel Players, Rachel Brown, Irish Baroque Orchestra and Bob van Asperen. Continue reading

Fota Wildlife Park Celebrates 30th Birthday with Carnival

The popular tourist attraction Fota Wildlife Park, celebrated its 30th Birthday with a summer carnival on June 23rd.

Fota Wildlife Park is a non profit organisation that has been supported by the people and for the people of Fota and Cork. UCC and Dublin Zoo came up with the idea for the park thirty years ago and since its humble beginnings, Continue reading

Fota Island Wildlife Park Expansion will Extend Visitor Season

The €600,000 expansion at Fota Wildlife Park will result in a tourism boost for Cork as the opening season will be extended during the winter months. The expansion will make the park an weather facility.  Stephen Ryan who is head of marketing at Fota explained that “Unlike the existing unique open nature of the wildlife park, this proposed facility will provide the public with access to a series of additional indoor areas. which will be seen as a great benefit to tourists in cold and wet weather,” he said. Continue reading

Watford FC Manager Gianfranco Zola Video at Fota

Recently Watford FC were using the Fota Island Training Facility. In the video below Gianfranco Zola, Watford FC Manager, discusses this squads preparations for their pre-season friendly with Cork City FC. That game took place at Turners Cross in the city.

Continue reading

New babies at Fota Wildlife Park have been named

In the past few posts we mentioned how the Fota island based wildlife park has recently experienced a baby boom with 2 baby giraffes and a special lemur being born in the past few weeks. The naming of the three new babies has garnered special interest over the past few weeks as fans of the wildlife park based in Fota Island were encouraged to take part in the naming process.

The Wildlife Park had recently been encouraging its numerous fans and members to suggest names through its website, facebook and twitter pages. After hundreds of suggestions and debate the names of the three new arrivals have finally been chosen and revealed to the public, with two of the three being named in honour of the former fota island park staff member Padraic Casey who tragically lost his life whilst attempting to swim the English Channel for charity in July 21st. Mr Casey was a member of the park’s education team providing informative tours and talks for the public and schoolchildren. One of the baby giraffes and the rare baby lemur were the recipients chosen in his honour. Continue reading

Baby giraffes spring a surprise at memorable dayout at Fota Island Wildlife

It seems these last few weeks Fota Island Wildlife Park has been going through a baby boom of sorts. Just after we have mentioned the rare baby black and white ruffed lemur making an appearance at Fota recently, along came two more baby infants to Fota. This time the giraffe population has seen a jump in numbers as not one but two baby giraffes were born within three weeks of each other both making an impromptu joint appearance last Friday to the surprise of all.
Last Friday 10th august was billed as the day in which the three week offspring of Blaithin and Walda would be unveiled to the public, but things took an unexpected turn when another giraffe Sapphire decided to steal the limelight going into unexpected labour at 3pm in front of a massive crowd gathered at the African Savanna. Lucky guests gathered to see a giraffe calf were treated not only to the appearance of the new three week old baby but to the rare sighting of a live birth of the latest baby giraffe. The latest arrival was born at 4pm to the delight of the crowds who documented the action, uploading comments and images live to the parks Twitter feed, as it happened. As with all things on a visit to Fota, such as case with the baby ruffed lemur, who we now know is born in a nest, visitors left more educated and informed on wild animal habits as they got to see first hand how a giraffe gives birth: standing upright throughout with the newborn calf unceremoniously dropping 6ft to the ground. Continue reading