Derval O’Rourke RNLI Reindeer Run at Fota House

Three time Olympian, Derval O’Rourke, has joined forces with the RNLI, to help launch the RNLI Reindeer Run, which raises funds for the charity that saves lives at sea. The popular event encourages people to have fun while supporting the RNLI in their work. This year the Reindeer Run will take place at Fota House and Gardens on Sunday 23 November.

There will be a 1km Santa “Saunter” and 5km and 10km routes for both runners and walkers.

The Cork event at Fota House is followed a week later by the Dublin RNLI Reindeer Run which takes place in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham on Sunday 30th November.



Good news for Fota – 10 new Jobs at Fota Wildlife Park

Good news for the Fota area as Fota Wildlife park have announced they are to create 10 new jobs. This is due to the recent announcement of the park expansion that we informed our readers about a few weeks ago.

Just recently we received official news from the popular tourist attraction in Cork that the park has been given €600,000 to build an indoor animal care and conservation centre for endangered species.The project is expected to be completed by August of this years giving visitors the chance to see a wider range of exotic animals. Continue reading

Fota preparing for proposed Asian Sanctuary

As Fota celebrates its 30th anniversary this year 2013, plans are afoot for a €6m expansion that will add almost 40% percent to its wildlife reserve area. The new extension an ambitious Asian sanctuary will see the park bring in tigers, lions and rhinos to add to its large selection of wildlife. Whilst the proposed new section should open in 2015, plans are already starting with planning permission for the 25-acre Asian-themed wildlife reserve already submitted. Later on in 2013 Fota will get its first two Sumatran tigers, a breeding pair, who will be the stars of the new project, arriving from zoos in France and Germany by September.

The wildlife park, a popular tourist destination in east Cork, is already noted worldwide for being a top breeding centre for endangered species, its cheetah programme in particular being ranked as one of the most successful in the world. Fota aims to transfer this success to the Sumatran tiger whose numbers have depleted in the last decade. Continue reading

Visayan Warty Pig

Amongst the many animals one will see on a visit to Fota Wildlife Park on Fota lsland in east Cork is the Visayan warty pig. The Visayan warty pig is a critically endangered member of the Suidae family, a species of wild pig endemic to the Visayan Islands in the central Philippines. Originally found on all six of the Philippine islands, due to habitat loss, food shortages and being hunted mercilessly for their meat and skin, today they can only be found on two, the islands of Negros and Panay.


Visayan warty pigs like most wild pigs have medium-sized, barrel-shaped bodies with short legs. They have short necks, longish heads and small eyes with prominent snouts ending in a disk-like nose, and tusks which are upturned lower canines. The males generally are much larger in size and weight than females with larger tusks and warts.

The three small facial warts located around the snout and a distinctive white stripe that runs across the bridge of the nose and along the jaw are their most distinctive features. Sparse bristles cover their bodies, dark gray or black in females and young males which turn silvery or light-brown in adult males. Both sexes sport a tuft of dark reddish-brown or black hair on the crown of their heads. The breeding males that exist on PanayIsland annually grow this tuft into a long mane from forehead to rump. Continue reading

Conference possibilities of Fota Island Resort

When it comes to organizing events or booking conferences for a large group of people there are many contributing factors play a part in ones decision. Not only does one need a hotel that will offer top class facilities and accommodation in a prime location but also one that will offer that little something extra. Located only 15 minutes from Cork city, on Fota Island, a private island just off cork city which boasts a stately home and arboretum and a world famous wildlife park, lies Fota Island Golf Resort Hotel. This luxury 5 star Cork hotel is situated on scenic grounds with world class championship golf facilities and superb views. Inside a range of ultra modern facilities such as a spa and fitness centre, function rooms, top class restaurants and bars offer visitors well earned leisure options on their visit. Continue reading

Cork Week – Irelands Biggest Yachting Event Near Fota Island

This past week the waters around Cork harbour close to us here at Fota Island Resort, have been awash with colour and activity as the worlds top sailors take part in Irelands largest sailing regatta, Cork Week in and around the seas of Cork Harbour and nearby Crosshaven. Cork Week which is held every two years and hosted by the worlds oldest yacht club in Crosshaven, combines an exciting week of top class sailing with days and nights of all round entertainment for everyone. As well as being a key event in the international sailing event calendar Cork Week is also a hugely popular social event as Crosshaven and surrounding areas come alive with festivities and celebration.

For the entire week a special on-shore tented village catering to the needs of competing crewmen and visitors alike appears in the sailing town of Crosshaven. Throughout the week this specially made tented village is a hub for everyone having fun, eating, drinking and dancing till the wee hours. So while the days are filled with tiptop sailing action in the seas around Cork harbour and county, in the evenings Crosshavens tented village plays host to Bodega by the Sea a special live entertainment event running in line with the sailing. Run over 5 days from 9th-13th July and featuring some of the countries best live bands and DJ’s, Bodega by the Sea provides the perfect way to celebrate the special events of the days racing. Continue reading