The Giraffe Family Welcome a Christmas Baby to Fota Wildlife Park

A new baby giraffe was unveiled today at Fota Wildlide Park. The calf who was born the week before Christmas was named Cuileann, which is the Irish for Holly. She is the tenth calf by mother Roisin and is the third giraffe to be born at the park in the last five months, bringing the Giraffe herd at Fota Wildlife Park up to 11.

Roisin who is one of the oldest giraffes in the park, carried Cuileann for 15 months and like all giraffe mothers gave birth to Cuileann whilst standing successfully despite her mature age!

All giraffe’s at Fota Wildlife Park are Rothschild. This type is taller than any other sub species which makes it the tallest land animal in the world. Males of this kind can reach a height of 5.9m.

Reminder: Fota Wildlife Park is open throughout the Christmas period until 4.30pm each day.  There are also special festive activities for kids at their Education complex every day until the 6th of January.


Baby Giraffe Video Clip

As we mentioned last week, Friday 10th august was a special week for visitors to Fota Island Wildlife Park with the appearance of not one but two baby giraffes. On what was one of the busiest days for the park, over 4,000 visitors showed up to see Blaithin and her three week old baby giraffe make its first debut, but instead were treated to a rare sighting of the live birth of a baby giraffe as well.
A live birth of any wild animal is rare indeed, never mind a giraffe, and its things like these unexpected arrivals that add an extra dimension to family visits to the wildlife park which always mixes educational with entertainment values. Whilst we all mightn’t have seen it, thankfully with smartphones and new technology such momentous events are happily recorded and uploaded for future viewing.

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Baby giraffes spring a surprise at memorable dayout at Fota Island Wildlife

It seems these last few weeks Fota Island Wildlife Park has been going through a baby boom of sorts. Just after we have mentioned the rare baby black and white ruffed lemur making an appearance at Fota recently, along came two more baby infants to Fota. This time the giraffe population has seen a jump in numbers as not one but two baby giraffes were born within three weeks of each other both making an impromptu joint appearance last Friday to the surprise of all.
Last Friday 10th august was billed as the day in which the three week offspring of Blaithin and Walda would be unveiled to the public, but things took an unexpected turn when another giraffe Sapphire decided to steal the limelight going into unexpected labour at 3pm in front of a massive crowd gathered at the African Savanna. Lucky guests gathered to see a giraffe calf were treated not only to the appearance of the new three week old baby but to the rare sighting of a live birth of the latest baby giraffe. The latest arrival was born at 4pm to the delight of the crowds who documented the action, uploading comments and images live to the parks Twitter feed, as it happened. As with all things on a visit to Fota, such as case with the baby ruffed lemur, who we now know is born in a nest, visitors left more educated and informed on wild animal habits as they got to see first hand how a giraffe gives birth: standing upright throughout with the newborn calf unceremoniously dropping 6ft to the ground. Continue reading